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Hello visitors and acquaintances, this post contains the recordings of two seven inches by Atlanta’s Thenceforward. Both of these came out ’bout 1995/6, via Phyte Records. I think this is everything they put out. But I could be wrong. One song from Winner was featured on a comp.

Of the two records, Winner is, in my opinion, the winner (pun definitely intended!… or wait, maybe that wasn’t a pun). In fact, I’ve hardly listened to the other one, From Within (which was recorded about half a year earlier). They cite a lot metal bands as influences, although I don’t consider them super-metally. And their band photo is actually a photo of the Bones Brigade, although I don’t consider them to be professional skaters. But they certainly are fast and good at heel-flipping down staircases. They remind me somewhat of Iconoclast, what with the great drumming and (roughly) verse/chorus format. The vocals are at times, well, I don’t want to say “rappy,” because that sounds awful, so I’ll just say they are sometimes something…

The first song on Winner, “Burn,” which is about burning the fucking flag, is my favorite of them all. I hope you enjoy.


From Stars Come Hearts

Borehole and King Supa


Damn! I have been searching for digitised versions of these records for a while now. Thanks for uploading them.

I first heard Thenceforward in 1997/8, and own both of the records released on Phyte. Quite a few kids here in Australia really got into their music, and we were definitely sad to hear they had broken up. There is still a Thence Forward tag on a sidewalk in a small Australian city called Wollongong, that was scratched into some drying cement as some kids were walking home from a hardcore show. Obviously the band weren’t playing on the night (unfortunately..!).

I also have the Ochre/Left for Dead Split. I haven’t checked to see what’s printed on the inside. Will do.

Thanks again. I’ll enjoy working late nights listening to this.

Aaron "Mountain", April 30th, 2010 03:46

Hah! This is a trip. I played with Thenceforward for about a year roundish 95/96. I can’t believe someone posted this in 2008. It’s funny you mention “rappy”, for at the time, while we never would have admitted it, some of us indulged a guilty pleasure of Downset, Deftones, and even Korn…the follies of youth eh? I had never taken the time to digitize these records, so was cool (and surreal) to find this post. go nostalgia.

Ochre… I can’t say i was their biggest fan.

Ryan, I found another Thenceforward song, from a comp 12” called Israfel on Ape Records. I’ll upload it if you’re interested.

that’s funny. the label was phyte records, which was run by mike phyte who was originally from atlanta, hence his interest in thenceforward, who at that time were playing some local shows, opening for bigger touring bands. they never got much further than that and broke up by the time the second record came out.

trivia: i lived in isla vista for a summer with mike phyte, and together we recorded vocals on top of some unfinished ochre songs, that he then released as the ochre/ left for dead split 7”. the cover of that record used old unsold thenceforward covers turned inside out.

small world huh?

Gray: super! Winner was one of the first records I got, and it was put out by a local label (local to santa barbara), so I always assumed that they were decently well-known. But then I found out that maybe not enough people know about them, hence the post!

Speaking of which, I’ve been lagging with posts this week. I should get some more stuff up soon.

you’ll be happy to know that i have forwarded a link of this to the guitar player, and i suppose, primary songwriter of Thenceforward. i must assume his heart will stop beating when he realizes that anyone actually cares about this band in retrospect. hell, i wasn’t sure anyone outside of fulton county, georgia had even heard these records. nice.

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