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Rocky Mountain Arsenal!

rocky mountain arsenal

Another compilation. All four bands are from Boulder, Colorado. This came out in 1994, on Black Plastic Records.


  1. Cavity
  2. Dead Silence
  3. Angel Hair
  4. Bunny Genghis

Cavity does a cover of an oldie. Angel Hair is one of my favorite bands. I was surprised to discover that their song on this, Second Cousin, was a different recording than what’s on the 7″ on Gravity (and the discography). Bonus. Listen, why don’t you:</audio>

I just picked this up. And I think it’s a good comp. There are some guitar solos, though.

Related: Does anyone have the “Powerless 2: No More Flowers, No More Ribbons” compilation that Black Plastic Records also put out? It looks killer!

Rocky Mountain Arsenal!

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