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Ettil Vrye / Tipping Canoe – split lp

This was requested. It’s been posted elsewhere in the past. But here it is here. But wait! Probably don’t download it yet, because I don’t have the track names. I swear that I remember this coming with an insert containing the track names and the lyrics. And I’m pretty bummed out that it’s not contained in my cover anymore. I don’t know what to do, except hope that someone leaves a comment with the track names! Then I’ll update the zip. Everything’s fine. Thanks.

This split came out on Moganono Records in 1999 (possibly 2000). In a previous post, where I said something about Peter from Ettil Vrye being in Sinaloa, what I should have said was Peter from Moganono being in Sinaloa, along with two of the guys from Ettil Vrye. Please accept my correction.

This record was limited to 300. The cover is handwoven (mine, said Peter, with “extra love” – there are some heart-shaped stitches).

Today marks the first day I’ve listened to the Tipping Canoe side of the split. It’s good! Kind of reminds me of Merel. Ettil Vrye is good, as well. Here is a review of the split. It is an excellent split, and well worth your ears and hearts.

Ettil Vrye / Tipping Canoe


Los Cincos


Sal, this is all I have by Tipping Canoe. I’ll check your blog for the self-titled, ‘cause I don’t have that. And, dang, you post gongloads of stuff on your site. I feel totally lazy. I’ll add a link so that I can try to keep up with it.

thanks for this post. i haven’t had any time to look for anything else from tipping canoe. ive had the self titled album for a long time and have posted it on my blog a while back. thanks again…still waiting for the download and thanks again.

*if there is any more splits or albums from tipping canoe and you have them please post or let me know if you can lead inthe right direction, thanks.

Thanks Abbigail! I’ve updated the zip.

And, if I’m remembering correctly, the 7th song on the Ettil Vrye side (not included on your list here) is titled “S.O.S.” I thought that song was hilarious when I first heard it. It’s like they discovered the root of all chugga hardcore, and the root is morse code.

01 - Ettil Vrye - At the Birth of an Orator 02 - Ettil Vrye - Hugs and Handshakes 03 - Ettil Vrye - He Doesn’t Know He Is Primitive 04 - Ettil Vrye - Screams Stop With Today’s Meal, While Tomorrow’s Hunger Kills 05 - Ettil Vrye - Accelerate the Archaelogist 06 - Ettil Vrye - All Red Chess Set 07 - Tipping Canoe - Life’s a Rear View Mirror 08 - Tipping Canoe - Nomos 09 - Tipping Canoe - Annabelle 10 - Tipping Canoe - Hangman 11 - Tipping Canoe - Hansel’s Drive Home

this is awesome stuff!!!

right up my alley! thanks for the re-post, I am hunting down the names for us…

I even sent a message to the guys in the band, so we shall see..

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