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Rye Coalition Demo

After discovering that members of Merel are in Rye Coalition, I made an effort to get into them. I ordered Hee Saw Dhuh Kaet from Gern Blandsten, and then came home soon after to find a box strewn across the driveway, ripped into shreds by my puppy dog. Within the scraps was the lp. The cover was torn, and the vinyl had some bite marks on it. I listened to part of it once, and then gave up.

But then a friend gave me their demo! And it’s great – crashing, infectious (I remember waking up on a friend’s couch one morning with a terrible hangover, wearing a baby-tee that said “Philippines” on it, since I’d barfed all over my own t-shirt the night before after losing hard in a vodka drinking game which involved girls making me drink after answering “wrong” to “are you still a virgin?”, and then I put on my headphones to listen to these songs, and then we walked down the street to buy burritos), harsh, and emotional. Those are enough general adjectives, I’d say…

The third song is my fave. “Who says you’re useless? We feel you’re capable.” aw.

I left all the tracks unnamed. I know the first one is called Baby Puts Out Old Flames. And one of the songs is on the split with Karp (or is it the split with Maximillian Colby?), so the title of that one could be figured out by someone with that record. I don’t have it. And I haven’t heard Teenage Dance Session or New Sheriff in Town 7″‘s, so I don’t know if any of these songs are featured on those. If anyone knows all the track names, I would appreciate them.

This is a transfer of a transfer, but it sounds pretty good. I’m guessing this demo is already floating around. I downloaded one song from a site (that only posted one song), and this here recording/transfer sounds better than theirs. Just please forgive the very slight wobbliness of the first few seconds. It’s not very noticeable anyway, since the intro is so muffled.

Rye Coalition – The Dancing Man

Reach Out

In Memory of Jason


your memory is fine…

the 12” is the rye karp split with the picture of that kid with the belt of star wars action figures (gotta be worth a shitload now)…

the rye side is SOOOO much better than the karp side (which isn’t really bad, mind you)

I found the track list here:

I think it’s on the opposite order though.

I keep forgetting that it’s not a full length…

It’s probably not one of the same songs.

I think I just have a faulty memory. I have a memory of me listening to a 12” and hearing one of the songs from the demo (about six years ago). Maybe I dreamed it.

And yeah, I have some records that I haven’t ever flipped over. It happens!

Nevermind. I think none. I don’t know why I typed that.

One song is on the Teenage Dance Sessions 7”. “Baby Put Out Old Flames.” But it’s a different recording.

I could have sworn that one of the other songs was on one of the split lps. But it doesn’t appear to be the one with Karp. And I don’t have the split with Max Colby..

Rye Coalition:

Maximillian Colby Split New Sheriff in Town Rye/Karp split Teenage Dance Sessions

Amazing the things that collect on my computer - hadn’t even listened to the last two until this morning. Not a huge Rye Coalition fan, but New Sheriff is pretty good. Merel, now there’s a band…

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