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Summertime Compilation

Finally! I found the Summertime compilation online. The Snack Attack blog posted it. Thanks! That took way too many years, internet.

I owned this comp, but (as my comment on the blog I linked to says) I lent it to a friend’s bf, and he never gave it back. He also snagged my Ruhaeda CD and Party of Helicopters CD. Luckily I still had the vinyl for those two! But the Summertime comp was only released on CD. I still have the booklet.

This came out in 2000. If you’re looking for late ’90s / early ’00s screamy hardcore, this is a good comp for it. Personally, I think of it as the successor to the Israfel comp. Some notes: The Numbers Are Neutral and Off Minor songs are off their demos, and are great. (I’m not spotting much Numbers Are Neutral songs on the internet right now, and I have this demo, so I may try to transfer it at some point.) The Assistant‘s song is probably my favorite one off of their CD – the drumming is just freaking insane all the way through. Doesn’t Pg. 99’s singer always sound like he’s underwater? He does to me. Usurp Synapse blows minds, like usual. I like The Cable Car Theory’s track. I like those less-screamy vocals mixed with fast, shredding drums. I’ll try to check out more of their stuff. Did their members come from other bands I should know?

I downloaded (148mb) it from Snack Attack, and saw that it doesn’t have the scan of the booklet. So, I scanned it! And this is basically why I’m making this post – though I do think more people should check out this comp, as it may have slipped by you. Download the insert here (4.5mb PDF). Many of the bands have lyrics/info pages. And there’s some writing from the guy who put it out.

summertime comp cover

SEO yall:

Ache Five Stars For Failure Joshua Fit For Battle Knives & Greenwater Landed Lycosa Neil Perry Numbers Are Neutral Off Minor Pg. 99 Racebannon The Assistant The Awakened The Cable Car Theory The Keyboard Masters The Scarlet Letter The Vida Blue Thursday To Dream Of Autumn Usurp Synapse

The 49th Parallel

Palatka – The End of Irony


Thanks for uploading this. I downloaded it and listened to it, then realized I have the CD and Booklet already. Then I realized this post is pretty old, and probably no one cares anymore.

Just to let people know; this is still available. I’m not at all bummed by having this on here, just letting people know. I was lucky enough to have worked with some really tremendous bands, and I am glad to see that there is still interest in their music.

Best Eric/KMB

Sweet. But no, I don’t need to buy this again. I still have the booklet it came with (I scanned it!) - I just don’t have the actual CD any more. But now that I have the files, I’m good.

uh, I don’t think I realized that you can buy stuff on discogs.

oh yea all of those songs are on Problematic Courtship, was just curious if it was something I haven’t heard before.

I really didn’t know this existed, but I bought this when I figured out The Vidablue made an appearance on it, seeing as The Vidablue is probably my favorite band.

And if you don’t have this still, I’m pretty sure the same person is still selling copies on discogs so you can grab a copy for yourself.

ha, yeah! This comp’s good - I don’t get why it’s not more sought-out.

Yeah, Off Minor had a demo. Six songs:

Farewell, Ne’er-Do-Well My Recovery Perfect Strangers Problematic Courtship Remainder Willow Weep For Me

There’s a pretty good chance that they ended up releasing these on record, too (in fact, the files I have are tagged “VINYL” for the album name). But I originally had this on tape. You’ve probably heard them all. If you don’t have this, I can upload it.

haha I just noticed this post, never thought someone would actually be looking for this, but I bought it off discogs.

Also, does Off Minor have a demo? That would be nice to have as I’ve never actually heard of this.

Jon It Follows, April 1th, 2011 05:06

Ryan, maybe the Prozac Memory song on that XXX comp. I could kind of see that.

And here, it will likely go up this weekend, so might as well share it with a fellow blogger:

They also have a very good ep and a few 7inches. They were supposed to do a “Discography” with the ep/7inches and live version of the full length songs. The lp was released on Immigrant Sun which has gone defunct, at least for now. They also had a split with I, Robot.

Sweet, Jon! I’ll keep checking your blog for it. Or, feel free to leave a note here when it’s posted.

I don’t have either of these records in front of me… so this will sound dumb. But they kind of remind me of one of the bands from the God’s Forsaken Children comp. There’s a band on side A with really snappy, fast drums, but they don’t have screamy vocals. And they also remind me of something else, too… maybe one of the bands from the XXX comp, on the side with Policy of Three. bleh, I should stop typing - since I don’t have any of these records in front of me.

Jon It Follows, March 30th, 2011 02:07

I have most if not all of the Cable Car Theory stuff. I plan to post their full length in the near future on my blog. Great stuff. I know some of them did other things, but nothing that i believe was bigger than this. They were very close with the Assistant and members guested on some of their records. The Deconstruction (their full length) just blows things away. It has those shredding drums. Ive always said, its kinda like Hot Water Music turned up to 90’s screamo - in other words, too punk to really be screamo (also, not really screamo vocals) and too hardcore to be something like HWM

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