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Here’s three seven inches featuring Laceration.

Laceration / Avulsion – split 7″ Laceration / Agoraphobic Nosebleed – split 7″ Prototype – comp 7″ (on the comp are also Default, Unsettled, Disdain, Ulcer, and Apartment 213)

All these bands are included in the zip.

avulsion laceration

I’ve had this record forever. I borrowed the other two records from DJ Invisible Touch.

Here’s a track, Duct Tape, from the Avulsion split.

The lyrics: “Saves my shoes. Saves me money. Duct Tape. Thank You.”

Basically, Laceration play short, fast, dirty thrash. Songs about the suckage of cops, fashion punks, cranky old people, and so on. I like the songs on the Avulsion split more than the ones on these other releases. The others seem similar… more of the same, but they aren’t drilled into my head like the ones on the Avulsion split are.

Avulsion is rad. Basically dual-vocaled grindcore, with (at times) Slayer-esque guitar riffs. Songs about not being into drugs, etc. Pitch-shifted vocals.

These are all from around 1996. Scans of the covers and inserts are included. About 40mb. About 35 tracks total.

-Download the seven inches-

The High Numbers

Pankration / The Red Scare – split 7″

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