Blue Skies Above Us


Chai und Chai und Chai

Stories of India. Three Authors.

I went to India with Scott and Joe last spring. This 92 page ‘zine holds our accounts of the trip.

All out of paper copies

So: Free! Download the PDF.

McGriddle Defense Selected Short Works about the Breakfast Sandwich

Many contributors. Fan fiction, poetry, comics, tips, other stuff.

Check out the site for it here.

Ask me for a copy, or download the pdf

Blue Skies Above Us #2

The Dungeons and Dragons issue. My latest comics ‘zine. This one is made up of comics and drawings that are based on my recent group’s D&D sessions. Some writing, too.

16 pages

Ask me for a copy.

Blue Skies Above Us #1 My first comic ‘zine! These are “slice of life” (or diary?) comics, from when I was living with Scott.

I’m all out of copies, but the comics are scattered throughout this site..

Better Living Through the Svelte Life

First comic I made. 54 pages.

Read it here.

Or download a pdf version. Or ask me for a physical copy.



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