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The goal here is to filter OpenStreetMap data extracts to only the features you need to use. The result is a smaller, more manageable dataset.


For my map wall art I’m making maps of many of the major cities in the United States (and will do other areas once I’m done with that). To be efficient, I’m using continent-wide datasets from OpenStreetMap (so I can just zoom to an area and export PDFs). My maps are fairly minimal, and the datasets contain a lot of data …


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I realized the other day that I made those fart earth stickers two years ago, and hardly anyone has bought any. My primary method of promotion was via @fartearth on Twitter. But it can be very challenging to start from scratch on Twitter, get attention, and build a following. Incidentally, as I made this, there happened to be a blossoming “______ Earth Society” movement on Twitter, with tons of accounts parodying the Flat Earthers. I hadn’t really thought of myself as a parody …


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I’ve been operating this blog since 2005 (with only 14 posts in the last 5 years), and it’s been a wordpress blog the entire time. But, to put it succinctly, I don’t really like wordpress! I’m fairly adept at making websites, and yet wordpress manages to baffle and confuse me. At one point I had three separate wordpress installations on this domain (main blog, cartoon blog, music blog) just because… I don’t know really. Mostly because I couldn’t …


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I’ve expanded my coloring page maps shop, and am now producing wall art. I’ve basically spent all my evenings for the past month developing and producing these designs. And this is just the start! As of now, I have produced maps for 10 cities in the US, and each city has from 3 to 7 different variations. These are all digital downloads, meaning that buyers will get a file, and will then print and frame it on their own.

I have designed 11 colorways – all are stylish and modern, ranging from …


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Now that you’ve read the post title and are hooked, LET’s GO!

Following up on the last post about all/some of the Twitter bots I’ve made, here’s another I made yesterday. And I’m going to go into detail about making it.

If you read the previous post, you might have realized that these bots are simple. These bots are not sophisticated AI trying to sow discord and sway elections. They’re posting simple, goofy stuff. Today’s bot is called @badassnames, and it posts cool names that some friends and …

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