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Oh man, I found this Amenity seven inch last week at a local record shop. What a find! $2! And it’s really really good! Early DIY hardcore from 1989, from Chula Vista (south of San Diego, CA). Tough vocals, political/positive lyrics, fast skatepunk drumming, weird recording with the guitars coming and going all over the place. Similar to Downcast, but more skatepunk, and with some Econochrist mixed in.

Previously, I’d just heard one of their songs, on the Give Me Back compilation. This seven inch is killer!


Tho Ko Losi

Unruh / Enewetak



Thanks so much for uploading the With Intent 7” These guys were great friends of mine while I went to highschool in Chula Vista.

If anyone has a record by “The Kids (of Chula Vista)” I would very much like to get that also.

Members of both bands went on to form Run For Your Fucking Life.

yeah dude , I was beginning to believe the band was made up , or I had imagined them. Maybe someone here can help me find something else. I have a single track by a band called , ‘bear witness’, its called substance subsistence. I cant find anything else from these except a mention of the track on compilation cd called the calligula effect. it was released in 1997 , its got rom and carlisle and some other good florida bands.But yeah can’t find anything else on bear witness.

can i just say that i have been looking for that with intent album since 2000. I first heard them from a friend back in 1996 - 1997 , and i couldn’t find anything or any place that had even heard of them. google finally pulled through. thanks !


I’m sure you’ve seen this, but there’s some Incurable Complaint stuff up at

The “Various Ebullition Recordings” section is the Ebullition 7” and the song from the Heartattack #10 comp.

Enjoy! (Sorry, no artwork though….)

Hi Geno. Thanks! Yeah, I’ve heard With Intent. I don’t have that record, but I found the download a little while ago. They’re really good. Reminds me of Heroin. Anyone else reading this: download that 7”.

I only have one Not for the Lack of Trying song, from the 7” comp..

I’ve been thinking about posting some Incurable Complaint. I have two seven inches.

I’m going to try and post something today. But I think it will be the Enewetak/Unruh split 7”

Another band like Amenity you should check out if you haven’t is With Intent, from Chula Vista. I have their 7” and I have a mediafire link. I don’t remember where I found it .

I discover lots of good bands from this blog, so I return the favor and hopefully introduce something new to you. Will you have any posts about Incurable complaint, or Not For the Lack of Trying in the future?

I picked it up at Jackpot Records. I’m not sure if they list used 7”s on the website. They have two locations in Portland. I go to the downtown one and browse their seven inches. Some good stuff can be found in there.

For me the Sepultura’s Chaos A.D is “nu-metal”,if that have definition.Amenity is emotional and urgent hardcore like Inside Out.

The record store have a web or email? maybe they have more gems like this.

Shane: I don’t think this sounds like nu-metal! It sounds too raw… also, I might not have a firm understanding of what nu-metal sounds like anyway..

Ricardo: I almost scanned it yesterday! I think I will have time tonight. Thanks for these links, I will check them out.

Amenity is great!! thanks for the art.

Here’s the Forward, Into The Past (discography):

And the Forced Down - Mortal (Discography):

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For the Reach Out/Honeywell art don’t worry,I wait. Thanks for respond the requests.

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