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The Sound of Thumbnail

Here’s the Thumbnail 7″ – The Sound of Thumbnail. File Thirteen Records, 1994.

I like Thumbnail a lot. I see them as like a mix between Car Vs Driver and (early) Unwound and Iconoclast and…Shotmaker. Is that crazy? I dunno. They’re steady, linear, not too fast, guided by bass and drums. I like their drummer – pretty snare-driven style, which is fun to drum along to.

All I’ve found online is their s/t album (which is great… and I just uploaded it! click here to d/l. 50mb), and a couple other miscellaneous songs. So I thought I’d share this one. 4 songs. I had this on tape for years, recorded from a friend’s record. But then I found my own copy of the record a couple days ago! Nice find – only took me 15 years…

I also added an extra song to this zip – their track, Sore Throat, from the We’ve Lost Beauty compilation. It’s a good song, so why not?

Here’s a track from this seven inch, to get you started.

download The Sound of Thumbnail– 20mb

Pankration / The Red Scare – split 7″

End of the Line


Thanks for respond,the only fact that you have tried to do a good rip of the LP makes me happy. You always respond my requests,I’m in debt with you.

Don’t understand me,I don’t paid more than the LP cost,the bad thing is that buy things in US Dollars is really expensive here in Argentina. Whatever vinyl I buy it will be expensive for me because this economical situation.

I mention how expensive the record was for me to demonstrate why is important blogs like this posted out of print stuff with the complete artwork and sound quality.

I know my english is REALLY bad haha.

If you can upload to mediafire,or something like that,the rip would be great,I don’t care if sounds crappy.

Best wishes Ryan!!!

Hey Ricardo, Sorry about not getting back to you. I tried to record it, but it was sounding crappy and so I abandoned it. The sound levels were really unbalanced. I think that’s just how the record is. I can try again at some point, but I think it will still sound crappy.

Also, yeah, you paid way too much for it. That record is not even out of print. You can still get it on Ebullition’s web site.

great!!! is really cool that you are posting some really obscure records.I’m still waiting for the End Of The Line 12”,but maybe my comment about was boring…or not?

Cheers Ryan

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