loomis slovak song

Hey, here’s a single song by Loomis Slovak. “Band Stab” from the KSPC compilation, The Basement Tapes: Volume 1. Apparently this song was impossible find online. It’s surprising, because this lp is still available.

Band Stab

Loomis Slovak’s other stuff – a song on Ebullition’s Heartattack #10 comp, and a 7″ called “1917-2917 · 1000 Year Reign Of Terror” – are easily found on other sites. So check it out. And enjoy this song. Also, if you’re on facebook, there’s a pretty sweet group called “Mid 90’s” that has a lot of sweet photos and fliers and stuff. Israel from Loomis Slovak (and MITB) is pretty active on it.

Also, these Reach Out videos are great!

All Scars

Car Vs Driver

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