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Reach Out / Honeywell

Ricardo requested the insert/cover for this split (sorry for the delay!). But I couldn’t just post the insert and not the music! So here’s the total package.

Reach Out / Honeywell

Two songs by both bands. Easily one of my all-time favorite records. Reach Out continues right where their 7″ left off. Two vocalists, one shriller than the other, both punctuating a shared story. The guitars practically sing with them. The songs are progressively structured, not stuck in verse/chorus repetition. Both songs blend together (with lovely feedback), but I split them up. I thought about keeping them together, since they are practically one song.

Honeywell completely blew my mind on this split. I bought this for the Reach Out, but I stayed for the Honeywell. Just kidding – but you know what I mean. If… brings to mind a beast, breathing inside a cave, fumes and steam broiling out with each breath. And then it emerges and the whole world erupts. I obviously can’t write anything that will do this justice… so I’ll just say that the things I like about these songs are: super fast blasted drumming, with a steady bassdrum beat that’s half the time of the snare, absolutely devastating vocals that seem on the brink of falling into smoldering ruin, guitars that feedback, crunch, and speak sorrow all at the same time. If… is about uncertainty, complacency, etc. Five Minutes Only is about our cheap religions. Heaven is only an infinite treadmill away!

This came in 1993. I think it was on Anomaly Records. right?

Download the Reach Out / Honeywell – split 7″

Here’s my post with the Reach Out 7“. Here’s my post with the In Memory of Jason compilation, which features both bands. Here’s Hardcore for Nerds’ post with the Honeywell discography.

Honeywell Reach Out

edit: In case you aren’t reading the comments –

here is Pukeko’s post with the (mostly) live on the radio Honeywell cassette!

Ricardo shared the Honeywell demo

and a live set by Reach Out from the Gilman

skywardeyes shared two early cassette tape recordings from Reach Out

The above Reach Out links, since the mediafire links are dead

And I added an early live recording from Honeywell, from a cassette –  (this isn’t the 1993 KSPC set Pukeko linked to; this one has a handful of songs that I haven’t found elsewhere. It’s from 1992, and they definitely emo out on us more than usual here… )

Unruh / Enewetak



Hey, did anyone download that column in HeartattaCk #44 featuring Sleeping Body? Please send it to me since the link Ricardo posted is dead. They’re my favorite hardcore band and I’d be really interested in seeing it.

thestonedredneck91, June 1th, 2015 03:07

Hi there. For the past two weeks, I’ve been searching everywhere for those Reach Out cassette recordings. I love the classics on the split 7” with Honeywell and the Reach Out 7” tracks but otherwise I’ve only been able to listen to their song on the In Memory Of Jason compilation and one song on YouTube from their Gilman St. cassette but I’ve been dying to hear the full set. For anyone reading in 2015 who’s willing to help, I need the downloads for: both of the Reach Out practice tapes and their Gilman St. and Tiffany’s live tapes. Any help is appreciated because MediaFire doesn’t have these available anymore. Please help. Sincerely, The Stoned Redneck

Heya. I have them, and I’ll upload them for you. It might be a day or two, though.

i was able to snag a copy of this split on ebay years ago, but mine has altogether different packaging/art. the quality is much more d.i.y. punk rock… the sleeve is fashioned from a paper grocery bag with art stamped or screenprinted in brown and yellow. the front depicts what looks to be a shot from a show (as well as each of the bands’ names in cursive), while the back is printed with the anomaly records logo. the insert is about the size of a record sleeve and is printed with lyrics and a few photos.

does anybody know anything about pressing information on this release? i was under the impression that my copy was an original. alongside my indian summer/oordination of aaron split, its the favorite piece of my 7” collection.

Somebody that knew the band uploaded everything by them on punktorrents last year, so that’s where i got those mp3s from. Same person also uploaded a video of them, which if you haven’t seen can be viewed here:

Thanks a lot Skywardeyes and Ryan!!! When you find the Reach Out cassettes??

Check this links Ryan:

This is the best post ever.The Manumission post is really awesome.

Sweet!! thanks both of you. I can’t wait to listen to these. New songs, plus live and early demo recordings (I’m a sucker for junky recordings)!

Ricardo, here is the Honeywell cassette. Live On KSPC, 1992_10_24 Ryan H. told me he wasn’t that fond of these songs nor this recording, but I think they’re great. I’d say it’s some of my favorite stuff of theirs. Sorry band, fans win!

thestonedredneck91, June 1th, 2015 03:25

Hey Ryan, I was wondering if you could send me the links to both the Reach Out practice tapes and the Gilman St. and Tiffany’s live tapes because the links on here are dead. You’d be my hero. ;)

I love soo much this record!!!! The Reach Out’s song “Message To…” is great,the vocals and the guitars are really awesome for me.Thanks Ryan,thanks. My english is sooo bad,this is the reason for my short comments.

Here is others links that I found:

Honeywell - Demo

Reach Out - Live @ Gilman

I know that Reach Out have two cassettes for a Sapila’s comment that I read. I really appreciate if anybody can upload.

Ryan in the future post that Honeywell cassette.

Best wishes!!

Excellent! Sapila sent me that download, but not the post. Thanks.

I also have a live cassette recording of theirs from KSPC from 1992 (yours is from 1993), with a bunch of different songs.

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