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all scars

I didn’t know squat about this band before looking it up just now (which most likely means that when I got it for review like a decade ago I wrote an awful review). This is All Scars’s first record, a seven inch, released on Ace Fu Records (Portland label). All Scars was from Washington DC, and this was recorded in 1996 and released in 1998.

After this they put out a couple full lengths. The material on those is more experimental/ambientish, from what I read. This interview on WFMU from the year 2000 goes into how their live sets were entirely improvised. They had a bit of a rotating cast of musicians, and the members also played in a bunch of DC bands that you’ve probably heard of (like Fugazi and Beefeater and stuff). Here’s their page.

This seven inch being their earliest material, it’s fairly structured, post-hardcore. And it’s good!</audio>

-download- All Scars 15mb. 3 songs. Insert scanned.

Bali High – Soundtrack

loomis slovak song


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