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Arroyo Seco

As I mentioned I’d promise I’d post, here is the Arroyo Seco demo tape. Six songs in total. I’m sorry, but I don’t remember where or why I got this (possibly reviewed it for HaC, possibly heard about it from somewhere and then ordered it from the band). I don’t remember if I’ve seen them, even. Their page states them to be pre-Life At These Speeds. I know that they toured with Quest for Quintana Roo. So that puts this around 2000 or so. I’m pretty sure this is all they released.

It’s really good. It’s got some Yaphet Kotto/Funeral Diner-life guitar harmonics, slow, melodic parts bitten hard by abrasive, loud mayhem, and multiple vocalists screaming their faces off – real emotional turmoil.

Arroyo Seco

Quest for Quintana Roo

This Machine Kills – demo


tye and i were pretty close- we both were guitar nerds that hung out at the liberation collective back in the day, as it was. he was a gifted musician and also sat in with us on numerous occasions in riot cop. rip.

Hey, these kids were my friends back in the day. I don’t remember them actually touring as Arroyo Seco, but their first show was with Quest for Quintana Roo. It was at a house show in NE Portland. One of the singers went to jail, they had a bassist switch, then one of the guitarists (Tye) passed away. All these things caused the band to call it quits. After a bit, they reformed into Life At These Speeds. This demo tape was put together by the two singers, each putting their own tags onto one side of the tape.

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