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This page is kind of a relic at this point. But it’s still fun to have up. And I STILL use some of these ringtones, but now, in 2020, I’m using an iphone. The process of adding a custom ringtone on an iPhone is super crappy (if you don’t have iTunes, which I don’t). It involves importing a song to the Garageband app on your phone, then saving that as a new track. Anyway…

Oh hey.

For months and months I’ve been pointing out to anyone whose phone is ringing that most ringtones aren’t great. I say, “Listen for yourself if you don’t believe me!” And then, blown away, they respond, “Hold on, I’m on the phone.” Plus, what if musical ringtones are becoming passe? I don’t know!

There’s so much that can be done with the medium. And so anyway I’ve been recording things and then editing them, and then saving them. And here they are. All for free.

Adding tones to your phone, there are two main ways to do it:

One is to direct your web-enabled phone to the url of the file, and then download it. More?

The second is to find a file you like, download it to your computer’s desktop, and then connect your computer to your phone via bluetooth or via usb/firewire.
And then, using the bluetooth connection, send the file to the phone. (Read more about bluetooth here.)

Then save the file as your ring.


Most of these files are mp3. Many phones use mp3’s for their ringtone format. But some phones, like my Samsung T509, use a proprietary format: mmf. So I try to save and then provide the files in that format also. mmf are fairly low frequency, and mono. My (new) phone is the G1 G2 Android phone, and it rules. mp3 is the way to go. If you don’t know what format your phone prefers, you can just go to the screen on your phone that shows the ringtones, because the file names will usually end with the format extension (such as “ringaling.mp3”). Or you could maybe try this site.

Since they are simply short mp3 files, that means they are short and simple files. You can make them, too. Personally, I enjoy carrying around an Edirol R-09HR digital field recorder, and then recording the various neat sounds I hear. Then I plop them into various programs, such as Audacity, WSD, Argeiphontes Lyre, Audion, and sometimes Garageband. Sometimes I use my analog synthesizer. Read my announcement post for some more info.

I encourage every one who is any one to try and make their own! Try to come up with a nice sound that you never imagined could be a ringtone! I also encourage you to email your creation to me. And if you’d like I’ll put it up on this webpage, properly credited, and under the creative common license that’s listed in the footer.

Typing of that, these are all licensed under a creative commons license that grants users permission to share the files and to edit them however they please, So go ahead and warp them to your liking. But the license restricts users from making money off them. The license also has a note about attribution. So, as author, here are my attribution instructions: if you like the file, then feel free to tell others where you got it.

Even more.

My favorite site for musical ringtones (mostly midi format):

Tutorial plus editing tips.

I’m still learning how to optimize tones for phones. I’m finding this project to be a good way to become more familiar with the music editing programs.

Short & Sweet Notifications!

These work well as notifications for things like text messages and instant messages.

Get Pitted, So Pitted

Scratching My Nuts

Vader Is All Like, “Nooooo!”

Zelda – Item Acquired

Ghosts ‘N Goblins – Stage 1

When I Die

Airplane Bing

Cracking Open A Can

Britney Watch

Conquering Lion – RAWR

Mm Hmm Him [al bundy]

Longer Ringtones

Firepower. [the pinball machine]

The Coast

Elliot Crying

I could see eating this. I really could. And I am noOot kidding – probably my favorite line from this show. Please don’t sue me

Vibrate Mode Ringtone – make your phone sound like it’s on vibrate even when it’s not!

Pinball Ringtone. A ball played on the classic machine, Paragon.

Every dog deserves a webpage

Horse hoofs walking on cement. Simple, elegant

A great ping pong rally

Typewriter, typing a secret message

Typewriter, but a bit slower, but more punchy

Cars crossing the Hawthorne Bridge. It’s a grated bridge

I know what I need to go do

Life Sucks, Do Me

Richard Stallman – Free Software

Beverly Hills Cop (by Harold Faltermeyer)


Scott’s Porno Music

Instantly Orange (source)

Revenge of the Nerds. Talent show song. Nice synth action

Morse Code, “The Phone is Ringing” (mp3)

Morse Code slows down and again says, “The Phone is Ringing” (mp3)

Morse Code says “Ring” a few times (mp3)

Friendly Submissions

Ping Pong variations by King Queen Knave
Ping Ring v.1
Ping Ring v.2
Ping Ring V.3
Ping Ring V.4
Ping Ring V.5
Ping Ring V.6
Ping Ring V.7
Ping Ring V.8
Ping Ring V.9
Ping Ring V.10

Presented by Ironmaus! DTMF01. a telephone number in standard DTMF format. Figure out the number

Presented by Ironmaus! DTMF02. a telephone number with a heap of multi-tap delay

BERGPresented by Ironmaus!

BopboodabeepPresented by Ironmaus!

Presented by Ironmaus! SawWaveSpike. The title is quite descriptive

Moses was an Israelite. Expect this to be remixed soon.

Noisy ones

A bit of radio static, transmuted and transposed and all that, and with a record skipping in the background

Total synth-out

May 14



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