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Champions of the Bleeding Heart / Black Label

This split 7″ was lent to me by an old band mate. But then we broke up, and he moved away, and I didn’t get a chance to give it back (along with a few other 7″‘s). I feel bad about it. So, Tobias, if you ever read this, gimme your address and I’ll send them your way. Sorry.

At any rate! Champions of the Bleeding Heart, from Bakersfield, CA, featured members that figured in such bands as Shahrazad (who put out a split 10″ with Makara), The Acrylics, My Increment, and Vendetta Red. Their song on this split is flaming fast and loud. It’s tough to find their stuff, so here’s one song for you to enjoy.

I don’t know anything about Black Label. They have two songs on here. At first the singer sounds a little snotty. But the guitar shreds and the drums are all over the place. The second song is my favorite of the two; it’s explosive and fast, and has a neat part where the guitar winds around while the drummer has some sick fills. (Reminds me just a bit of Ettil Vrye… though I’m sure that’s not a very accurate comparison; it just does. So there.)

This was put out by a Santa Cruz label, Matinee. The label info is written with pen on the back cover. Zip has insert with lyrics.

Champions of the Bleeding Heart / Black Label – split 7″

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jamie coyle jr., February 21th, 2012 05:53

hey Nate,pardon my intrusion but may i barter with you to acquire one of these seven inches from yourself? any correspondence is wholeheartedly appreciated… respectfully and appreciatively yours sincerily-jamie coyle jr.

Um, I have about 20 copies. I never ran an official distro, but I was known to order bulk copies of stuff I really liked and then traded/sold with/to friends. I also have a bunch of the Acrylics CDs, and some other associated stuff…

Hi Nate! I can’t say for sure if it’s the only song they recorded. I’ve heard it is, but I don’t know for sure. Maybe they have a demo…

This split 7” has been on sale at the Jackpot Records downtown for over a year. I think it’s now in the “50 cents please take!” section. Go get it!

Ha! A friend posted something on FB about awesome bands that only recorded one song in their existence and that made me think of Champions Of The Bleeding Heart so I did a little Googlin’ and it led me here. Of course.

Is this the only song they recorded?

My old band played a show in Portland with these bands when they were on tour in ‘96?. Awesome live for sure…..

Roberto Freeman, April 18th, 2009 08:00

lesee here.. The housemates were Mag (later went on to Yaphet Kotto, Aaron, Black Label, and Scott Batiste and Tyler who are now currently in Saviours…

Roberto Freeman, April 18th, 2009 07:58

Oh the stories. These guys wee my housemates in 1996. We lived in Santa Cruz at a house called the 320A house, since it was on 320A california st. When I moved in, His HEro Is Gone, Instant girl and the Yah-Mos where playing a show and i had to carry boxes over the drum kits and marshall amps all over the living room. God, seems like so long ago…Aaron, Moe, and i forget the rest…drop a line, id love to wax poetic…


gabbagabbahey, January 4th, 2008 14:11

that’s a pretty cool picture on the front - La Sagrada Familia cathedral, Barcelona - I remember standing in front of that and trying to take a photograph of it, and giving up because I couldn’t find a good angle. So I just went around taking close-ups of the crazy sculptures.

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