made up of some beats

I made this short song. It’s made up of some beats made with Hydrogen and audio clips from one of my favorite youtubers. Hope you enjoy! Right click to download. <

Solomon makes it hard to draw

Solomon makes it hard to draw. (pretty cheesy photoshop effect :p )

Your attitude

“Your attitude”

Nuzzle – untitled cassette (demo)

I was going through my ipod, and thought I’d share this. It’s Nuzzle’s demo tape. Nuzzle’s “Anchors Astreigh” 7” is the first record I posted on my music blog! And this demo contains a couple songs...

Jim Banks, Bali, circa 1980

Jim Banks, Bali, circa 1980. From Bali High. Sorry, this gif is a little larger than usual. I remember occasionally reading about Jim Banks in surf mags – usually a picture of him deep in a cle...

Constatine Sankathi – In December

</assets/img/2011/12/tumblr_lkpflrXGB61qf1sfc.mp3> Constatine Sankathi – In December. Click image for full size. This is from the Food Not Bombs Benefit Record. I just posted two differen...

Food Not Bombs Compilations

When I was in college I’d spend a few hours each Saturday working for the Santa Barbara Food Not Bombs. A bunch of us would meet up at a friend’s house, then we’d designate tasks – like going to th...

Golden Microphone

Do you prefer seeing Alphaville sing through a golden microphone, or not use any microphone at all?

Chubby Cherub

Chubby Cherub. It glitched. I always liked this game.

P’radikus Conflict

Founded 2005. Over the years I've posted writing, comics, ringtones, and stuff about maps, bikes, programming, pinball. And I had a robust music blog mostly about '90s hardcore punk (category = music).