Work It Out

Here’s a comic I did with Renee! She wrote it and I drew it. This is the first in the Work It series. Click for full size.

hoppin beach betties

Here are some hoppin’ beach betties doing a new dance called The Jamaica Ska.


My sisters and I spent like three years pretending we were Troy.


This is Mountain. He handles the morning surf report for various spots along Malibu County. He’s super stoked and everything amazes him.

Zed makes his entrance at the pajama party

Zed makes his entrance at the pajama party.


I really like this part of Back to the Beach, where the surf punk Zed makes his entrance at the surf contest. The “YEA” with the board slipping and hitting him in the face! Brilliant. I edited a...

Magical Hairbrushes

At first I had this “fantasy” comic, The Hairbrush of Nalsprinor, posted on Tiny Mix Tapes. But then people reacted positively to it, and asked me “what is going to happen next?” And I was like, “N...

Margot Kidder Zine

I drew this for my friend Renee’s Margot Kidder fanzine. It depicts the time when Renee met Margot. The ‘zine, Queen of the Margotnauts #2, is done and you can inquire about it here.

Animated Comic

My friend Jay animated one of my comics! This is super awesome.

Remixed Little Ditty

All yalls! My friend rchrchr remixed that little ditty I just posted. This is brilliant! He lays down some nice rhymes. His description: Uh there are a lot of noises from Mortal Combat and the sym...

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