Palatka – The End of Irony

Yes, you probably have this already! But I was informed by a friend that the rips of this record that he was finding to download were ccrraappppyy. So I ripped it anew. Plus I scanned all the inser...

Kung Fu

Solomon’s Key

Assfactor 4 – Closed Captioning For The Blind

Assfactor 4 – Closed Captioning for the Blind. Out in 1994, on the All The President’s Men compilation. Why not compare the recorded version with the live version? Just for fun! Their 7” on Repe...

Updated Writer Page

Ooh, updated the writers pages, so you can now easily see all the comics I’ve done for them. Check out my page here. I had one posted a couple days ago, called The Hairbrush of Nal...


Curren, sliding cutback.

Curren, sliding cutback. From The Search II.


scuba mice

scuba mice.

Summertime Compilation

Finally! I found the Summertime compilation online. The Snack Attack blog posted it. Thanks! That took way too many years, internet. I owned this comp, but (as my comment on the blog I linked to s...

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