Blue Skies Above Us


Here’s my dad giving Chuck a helicopter. That’s the real speed.

Dannyb beats the boss

I shot this the other day with my phone. The final mode in the Sopranos pinball game has one shot lit at a time, and you have to hit it 3-5 times before another one lights up. You have to make your...

Claire Instant – Demain Peut-etre

My top listen this week: The Systems of Romance Vol. 3 mix. <https://blueskiesabove.us/noise/05%20Demain%20Peut-etre.mp3> Sample song. Claire Instant – “Demain Peut-etre” This mix is grea...

Superhero Mayor

Yay, the Portland Mercury posted a drawing I did for the “Make Mayor Sam Adams a Super Hero” contest for the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest. Here’s the post. And here’s the drawing: I have some ...

Crotch Rub

Here’s a comic I did for tinymixtapes.com. And I have a new one up today, too. Check out the new one, called Innovations in Tip Jar Technology. This one is called, um……… Crotch Rub.

Frankie Oberholzer – Reverse 360

Frankie Oberholzer. Reverse 360. From The Search.

Snap shralp

Curren again. Forever! Snap shralp. From The Search.

Hard snap

Hey, it’s Tom Curren! Hard snap. From The Search.

Team Gato

</assets/img/2011/12/tumblr_lhm83jLmSn1qf1sfc.mp3> Here’s another ringtone, from a different part of the same song. It’s from this remix – Team Gato – of a track from the SNES game Chrono Tr...

Gato Ringtone

</assets/img/2011/12/tumblr_lhm7weqBQ71qf1sfc.mp3> Here’s a sweet track that I edited into a ringtone. It’s from this remix – Team Gato – of a track from the SNES game Chrono Trigger. Direc...

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