Blue Skies Above Us

Curren, from Beyond the Boundaries

Curren, from Beyond the Boundaries. Indonesia.

Biting a rail

Curren. Biting a rail at the end of a ride – this was a sand-sucking monster, doubling up at the peak. From The Search II. Do you guys think this gif looks okay? The color value is pretty low. B...

Across a swimming pool

Curren, surfing across a swimming pool. From Beyond the Boundaries.  

Hot Cold – Love Is Like A Game

</assets/img/2011/12/tumblr_lhit8hPTok1qf1sfc.mp3> Hot Cold – Love Is Like A Game. From 1985. Italian, disco. From this rad mix here.

From Joystick Magazine. Early ’80s.

Curren. From the movie Gripping Stuff. 1988.

Curren. From the movie Gripping Stuff. 1988.


Here’s a comic I recently done did. It’s called “Nutri-Swamp.” I didn’t submit it to tinymixtapes.com because the smaller it gets the crappier it looks. Click here to view it at a width of 800px!

The Kill 2

Here’s another surf video. The Kill 2, by Josh Pomer. It’s from around 1994 or 1995. This is basically the Northern California version of SoCal’s Momentum II or Focus (posted below). Like, it’s fro...

Good N’ Plenty

Another surf movie! I didn’t own this one as a lad, but friends did, so I watched it a million times. Then last year I tracked down a copy of the VHS, so that I could transfer it and share it with ...

Merel Live

Holy CRAP! Merel live (from a radio show). —- General ————————————— Artist: Merel Origin: New Jersey Years active: 1990 – 1993 Label: Gern Blandsten, Old Glory Records —- Show ——————————————- // L...

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