Blue Skies Above Us

Halloween 1982

I hope everyone ate a lot of candy and wore great costumes and had a good time. Here’s some home movie footage my dad took in 1982, featuring a Halloween kids parade in Larchmont. My mom is carryin...

It’s The Thought That Counts!

Join my flickr group! I just created one called It’s The Thought That Counts! wherein members can share well-intentioned gifts gone awry. Here’s the description: It’s The Thought That Counts i...

Beverly Hills Cop ringtone

Beverly Hills Cop ringtone on the tone page. Pretty fly ring.

Hole In The Wall


Material Sensations

Here’s a mixed cassette tape (psych!) that I made, all on computer for you to give a listen. This is what I’ve been into lately. I think it’s a good mix. I renumbered the tracks, so hopefully th...

‘Notha Ringtone

‘notha ringtone. This one is from one of my favorite episodes of the Simpsons – the one in which Marge starts a mobile pretzel business. This line has been ringing in my head for years, so I though...

Battling The Boss

Here’s a picture I took of Sauce battling the boss.

Jah Light Shining Bright

jah light shining bright. I said it once, but I’ll say it again: Now that everyone is all “irie” from listening to the reggae mixtape I posted a few days ago, I thought I&I would share one mor...

McGriddle Website

Heyo, https://blueskiesabove.us/mcgriddle/ is ready for you to visit and enjoy. I’ll be adding more stuff to it as we (earth) get closer to the Portland ‘Zine Symposium. I put up a Sample Item fro...

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