Blue Skies Above Us

Potato Man

Hey there. Here are a couple more drawings I did during this last campaign. They depict real (fake) events. At one part we entered a room, and in the middle was a cactus with a potato-man tending ...

Hmm Mmm Him

Scott wanted a tone of Al Bundy’s “Hmm Mmm Him.” So, mmhmmhim. That audio is taken straight off of youtube. Also, I kind of believe that people should be rewarded for answering the phone quickly,...

Full pdf of McGriddle Defense

Beasts, As promised, here is the full pdf of McGriddle Defense. I don’t have many physical copies left. I could make some more, because I already have covers printed. But I don’t know if I’ll need ...

Farting Centipede

Some more dnd art. Below is a centipede we battled. It had a trident and a shield. And it farted a disease cloud. I accidentally drew a caterpillar. And there’s a demon gate.

Winter Mix

This was meant to be a fall mix. But now it’s winter. So it’s a winter mix. picture of rain to indicate winter: wintermute -download- I didn’t muss with the metadata of the songs, so the order ...

A New Element

I remember when this was my favorite commercial. A new element! Discovered by scientists! So exciting. I also like how the woman just says a bunch of sc...

Two new ringtones

Two new ringtones. South Park doing Cher. As requested by Renee. Believe 25 seconds long, mp3, like 600kb. And Ghosts ‘N Goblins (stage 1) 1 second long (a “notification” tone), midi, like 11kb...

Hunk Gods

Abbrev Anon

Upsidedown Music

Founded 2005. Over the years I've posted writing, comics, ringtones, and stuff about maps, bikes, programming, pinball. And I had a robust music blog mostly about '90s hardcore punk (category = music).