Blue Skies Above Us

2nd Annual Davis Pinvitational Pingolf tournament

Yesterday, some friends ran this tourney. I love this flier.


Comic I did for Tiny Mix Tapes:

Chai Und Chai Und Chai

Here’s a full-color PDF of the ‘zine about our trip to India. click image to download. 8.4mb.

Inner Beast

Here’s a gif of my cat exposing his inner beast.

Riggs Roll

Look, I just memed you! It’s the Riggs Roll. YOU’VE BEEN RIGGS ROLLED! You get it? You’ve been Ri.. aw, forget it. Here’s a Lethal Weapon 2 gif. It shows Riggs doing a tight roll. Riggs can roll ...

John Kitzhaber

Here’s a drawing I did of John Kitzhaber giving a speech and enjoying some Halloween candy. click for larger

Twitter Vs Facebook

This is a comic I did recently, that I don’t think is good enough for posting on The “joke” is that the pictures of people on facebook are way larger than those on twitter, thus t...

Two New Zines

Hi, I just finished two new ‘zines. One’s a collaborative one, with friends Joe and Scott, called Chai und Chai und Chai. It’s about our trip to India last spring. We each wrote a personal account...

Buckaroo Benson

Thus, this is a simple comic depicting some stuff that happened at one of our dungeons and dragons sessions a couple months ago. We had boarded a boat (The Lonely Turtle) to take us along a river (...

Meat Tube Fan Art

Bigger version here.

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