Blue Skies Above Us


Comic I did for Tiny Mix Tapes:

Chai Und Chai Und Chai

Here’s a full-color PDF of the ‘zine about our trip to India. click image to download. 8.4mb.

Inner Beast

Here’s a gif of my cat exposing his inner beast.

Riggs Roll

Look, I just memed you! It’s the Riggs Roll. YOU’VE BEEN RIGGS ROLLED! You get it? You’ve been Ri.. aw, forget it. Here’s a Lethal Weapon 2 gif. It shows Riggs doing a tight roll. Riggs can roll ...

John Kitzhaber

Here’s a drawing I did of John Kitzhaber giving a speech and enjoying some Halloween candy. click for larger

Twitter Vs Facebook

This is a comic I did recently, that I don’t think is good enough for posting on tinymixtapes.com. The “joke” is that the pictures of people on facebook are way larger than those on twitter, thus t...

Two New Zines

Hi, I just finished two new ‘zines. One’s a collaborative one, with friends Joe and Scott, called Chai und Chai und Chai. It’s about our trip to India last spring. We each wrote a personal account...

Buckaroo Benson

Thus, this is a simple comic depicting some stuff that happened at one of our dungeons and dragons sessions a couple months ago. We had boarded a boat (The Lonely Turtle) to take us along a river (...

Meat Tube Fan Art

Bigger version here.

DnD recap

DnD recap (This one was hastily written) So: -Bluhilda bequeathed a special garland to Zara. It’s a beautiful garland, made up of a variety of branches, full of leaves and life, and it contains ...

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