Lethal Weapon 2 Tribute Band

This is a comic. It’s sort of a continuation of this one, Slowfuck, that I did for Tiny Mix Tapes.

End of the Line

Ricardo requested this. Here’s the 9 song End of the Line lp, released in 1993 on Ebullition. I’m fairly certain this is still available from Ebullition, and so the best way to obtain it is probabl...

Mulder breaks the news to Scully

Mulder breaks the news to Scully. From one of the best episodes: Home. season 4, episode 2.

Here’s a gif of John Rhys-Davies, from Legend of the Seeker

Here’s a gif of John Rhys-Davies, from Legend of the Seeker. I couldn’t get the whole line into the gif. But he’s saying, “And the world of the living will come to an end.” And then he gets hit i...

Tom Hanks in the Money Pit

Tom Hanks in the Money Pit.


Hypno-busey, clapping.

Here’s hypno-busey, clapping.

Schwinging in Space

Here’s another comic I did for Tiny Mix Tapes. It’s called “Schwinging in Space.” The astronaut is Lance Bass. One time I wrote a piece of McGriddle fan fiction, with Lance Bass as the main cha...

The Sound of Thumbnail

Here’s the Thumbnail 7″ – The Sound of Thumbnail. File Thirteen Records, 1994. I like Thumbnail a lot. I see them as like a mix between Car Vs Driver and (early) Unwound and Iconoclast and…S...

Pankration / The Red Scare – split 7″

Here’s the split 7″ with Pankration and The Red Scare. I borrowed this from my friend Nate. And it’s a fresh rec, so check it out. This was put out by Donut Friends in 1996. One song each. And the...

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