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Happily, I attended the Portland Zine Symposium a few weeks ago. It would have been supreme to procure a table from which to sell and trade my comic, but as strokes would have it I was unlucky enough to be made to work on that Saturday. But it’s a two day event, so I attended on Sunday. I milled about, as one’s supposed to, but also fluttered around and then aimlessly flipped through all the super homebaked concoctions. I spent very little money (on some crayons cast from chocolate molds, and on a small pillow that looks like an apple), but came away with a load a things. One person who probably spoke for many was right: my comic was like currency. I traded it with many willing artists.

I met many friendly and interesting people. And I hope to interface with them again. Also, I hope to maybe get a table next year. First I’ll need more content. Perhaps a sequel, and some photographs.

When I wrote for HeartattaCk so many years ago I was in love with zines. My favorites were the “personal” ones, where the authors wrote about themselves, and their relationships and sadness and adventures. Zines are such a great way to gain intimate glimpses of strangers, to feel without judgment their own (all-too-relateable) struggles, and to hold in one’s hand the fruit of many a lonely night’s labor (to generalize). In the intervening years, as I disconnected from zine lit, I believe I filled in the gap by reading livejournals and other personal blogs. While online journals all more-or-less conform to template-restricted layouts, and thus miss some of the cute personal touches and creative devotion that are embodied in paper zines, they provide me with a never-ending stream of writing, and a much wider range of topics and interests. I love journals, and I love zines. I’m glad to once again have a new stack to go through.

I’ve gotten rid of 50 copies of my comic so far. I’d’ve probably gotten rid of more by now, but I’ve been out of them for the last week. I hope to have more today. And if not today, then tomorrow (I get them in small batches).

If anyone knows of distros or stores to which to send them, please tell me. I’m selling it cheap. I just want people to read it! It’s fun to have things like this floating around out there.

Sveltes in Print

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