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Vomit for a New America

A new, acerbic call for peace has been issued by my friend Jacob. I, for one, fully support the mobilization of the efforts proclaimed below. When the time comes I will buckle forward and let flow my disgust for President Bush’s latest warrant for escalated violence.

The protocols of Bush invariably stand for more dead Americans: more active engagement with the insurgents, more fighting in the streets. This brash, bloody strategy will never reset what poor policy has already wrought on the country of Iraq. However, I do golf clap the choice to reform the De-Baathification. The reforms would essentially be a reversal of Paul Bremer’s first major issue, CPA Order No. 1: De-Baathification. In 2005, the Washington Post referred to this directive as follows:

In an act that many saw as the original sin that led to Iraq’s current turmoil, Bremer crippled Iraq’s institutions of governance and security and created half a million angry and jobless people in the process.

Other than this acknowlegment by Bush that the rebuilding of Iraq was bungled from the start, this new latest attempt at strategy is just more of the same. A surge in violence. Well, that makes me, and it makes Jacob, and it might make you, want to barf. And that’s exactly what we plan to do. If there’s any way to meet Bush head-on, it’s with our guts.

What follows is Jacob’s rebuttal to last night’s speech:

Last night as I watched President Bush address us, his nation, with his brow creased and his voice slow and deliberate, I was struck by a sensation that has become familiar when I watch most politicians speak and especially Mr. Bush. I wanted to throw up in my mouth. This nausea was accompanied by outrage and disgust. What we got was what we expected, more of the same.

I marched against the Iraq war and against foreign aggression. When we commenced bombing on Baghdad, and Mr. Bush made an elated announcement, I stood outside the federal building and banged on pots and pans, shouted at passers by, made chalk drawings on the steps and huddled in the cold til 3 a.m. while a military deserter rallied us, a flag wrapped around his head. And though I left for the comfort of my own bed, some of those protestors stayed on for weeks, leaving their jobs and social lives behind.

If only anyone had heard us. I stopped going to protests when I read an Associated Press article in which Mr. Bush made clear that protests, and the voice of the public in general, mattered nothing to him. He is the decider of decisions, and he has been entrusted with the voice of our nation.

Perhaps I gave up too early, but here in Portland people march every week, handing out flyers and yelling through bullhorns on the corner of Pioneer Square in the heart of downtown. For years peace groups have made banners, sewn dolls and flags, yelled until their throats were raw and painted the faces of their children in opposition to an administration which serves only its own interests and the interests of its business associates, and then scoffs in disbelief when the public withdraws its support, throws hissy fits at podiums when asked a challenging question, and takes action only within the margins of its policy, blindly and deafly staying the course as we lose our senses and our friends.

The days of fruitless marches are over. When I told my friends I was sick, that I wanted to vomit, my friend C. suggested that we all go to the capitol and throw up outside the White House.

I want to start a concerted effort to make this happen. In an orderly fashion, we will line up outside those gates and take turns vomiting, thereby registering our disgust and shame at watching our “leader” turn away from every suggestion to soften his policies, whether it comes from the people, the analysts (who predicted the strife in Iraq before we even dropped a bomb), congress, his own father and a panel of experts.

Let’s see Mr. Bush ignore his citizens as they vomit upon the house of his rule! Lets see the press turn a blind eye to that!

So vomit my friends. Vomit to resist the campaign of aggression and sightlessness.

To a leader who addresses us like children. Who presumes it is we who are uninformed.

To a government which robs our money and places it into the coffers of the businesses and industries of their friends.

To a doctrine based on ignorance and lies.

To oppose selfishness, greed, and deception.

To an administration that ignores our voices and our votes.

To a man who sends our friends and coutrymen to their deaths.


Jacob Schraer.

I’m not exactly sure what the funds would go toward — perhaps giant plates of curly fries and milkshakes. We’re currently mobilizing the Propulsion Police, which will monitor the Barf Brigade as they establish the base vomitorium. And we’ll keep everyone posted regarding progress. I’ve never used, but maybe that could work for this project?

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