Blue Skies Above Us

Vast Tundras

Winter Coat



today I did some trudging across the vast tundras of portland. the trek was long, and not very cold because I had a lot of clothes on, and at one point I took a picture. I returned with my bounty, and have since been feasting. it’s sort of official that I won’t be able to get down to visit my family for christmas. I’ve never not been at my parents’ house for christmas. but I’m not sure if that alone is terribly meaningful, since I’m sure I always knew that this day, and other days like it, would at some point occur (though not quite in this way). even so, I found it fit to declare to my dad that god was trying to tear our family apart! my dad said he’d pass the message on to my mom. the thing that bums me out most is that lil’ Elliot is going to play Baby Jesus in the church play, and now I’m going to miss that…. 🙁 These are the sounds of me walking through snow with boots on. (I also recorded me clipping my nails with slippers on, but I’ll wait to share that one.) The snow had a thin layer of ice on top, hence the crunch.

All Snowed In

Gasoline Couch

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