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Twice the fish

Last week’s issue of the Portland Mercury featured my friend Krystal modeling on the cover of the Fashion Issue Pullout (I couldn’t find the photo, so here’s a link to an article she wrote/starred in a few years ago). And that was cool.

And then this week’s issue came out!


I (me) wrote, and was appropriately awarded, the Letter of the Week. Click, because that link goes to the letters. Mine’s the last one; the one followed by the announcement of me winning a prize for my letter: lunch for two at No Fish? Go Fish! (that’s not how they punctuate their name, but that’s how they should have it), plus two tickets to the movies. I should ask someone on a date, huh? That’s kind of perfect.

By reading the letter before mine, you can kind of get an idea of what I was responding to. Like, that letter before mine does a lot of quoting. I, on the other hand, didn’t quote, but rather appropriated the original author’s words into my own sentences. I was initially going to have the letter be two giant sentences. But then I added a couple more at the end. Furthermore, they cut a bit from my first sentence. So it’s shorter. But probably better. But see, I can and do write short sentences on my own. All the time. In fact. Wait. These aren’t sentences anymore.

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