Token of Swan Boat

In the most recent session, this was an item that the players found. Using this token creates a giant swan boat, capable of carrying many people. The boat lasts for one day.

swan boat


Inspiration from here. Token of Swan Boat info here. This drawing marks my first time doing watercolor over the pen/ink. I went a little overboard with the watercolor. I wasn’t careful enough, and it smeared the ink. And I wasn’t expecting the ink to smear so easily. Plus I didn’t have great lighting, and also I was sloppy. But it looks okay. I scanned it when it was still BW, too, and that one looks a lot cleaner.

(Note, the “tokens” are usually feathers. But I made this one a scroll depicting a token.) They found it in a treasure chest in a secret room. And the scroll was presented in this scrollcase.

I got that in India.

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