Theory and Analysis of Puddles

My h’mate C had to do a place review–reviews of things not often reviewed–for an art class. She did an in depth analysis of puddles around Portland. All of the assignments are posted on Urban Honking. Hers can be found here, read it, because it’s wonderful: Theory and Analysis of Puddles. M and I are in the last photo, staring forlornly at our reflections in an urban puddle. We look like twins. I wear the gloves in the relationship.

We finished another assignment for the same art class today. There are these frontage roads that run, on both sides, next to the I-5 freeway. On one side of each street is a big wall, blocking freeway sound from the neighborhood, and on the other side of each street are houses, all of them staring directly at these big ugly walls. So C took photos of houses, printed them out huge, and then we went around and stuck them up on the wall on the opposite side of the freeways. So now the walls provide a window to what’s on the other side; the view of their neighbors, were the wall and freeway not there. It looks great.

Kiss my pedestrian not at all irish ass


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