The U.S. Vs. G Dub

<img class=”right” “title=”war is over” src=”/assets/img/blue/warisover.jpg”>A few evenings ago I watched The U.S. Vs. John Lennon, a documentary covering Lennon’s post-Beatles years as a medium for peaceful messages. The footage of Lennon is remarkable; he’s so clever and quick, and also so passionate without ever seeming grim or humorless. He and Yoko were brilliant at deploying their attentive members of the media to serve their pointed, and creative, purposes. Together they were fervent, optimistic, energetic, and loud. And their opposition–those who sought war–took them to be a very serious threat.

The footage compelled me to sit less idly and more actively in my moderate-sized abode. Inspired by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, I set in to create some new slogans in the vein of “War Is Over (If You Want It)” — slogans that will resonate throughout the country, that will inspire people and make them more optimistic about our future. However, I’m not a genius, and so I’ve yet to think up a strong one. I’ve only come up with one that is closer to humorous and ironic and, perhaps, pessimistic (though I choose to believe that the tendency to miss total sincerity is not a result of my own pessimism and pervasive sense of irony, but instead is a result of my sense of humor–a sense that Lennon possessed in exquisite quality and quantity–and my station in these hyper-media savvy times), rather than, as Lennon/Ono’s slogan/song was, riveting and resonating and resounding.

A clip of in the movie Nixon has striking parallels to what we are hearing come from our current dear leader. Nixon, in his Great Silent Majority speech from 1969, states:

As South Vietnamese forces become stronger, the rate of American withdrawal can become greater.

I have not, and do not, intend to announce the timetable for our program, and there are obvious reasons for this decision which I’m sure you will understand.

But just like today, when those noble goals are backed up pathetic policy, the phrase “No Timetable” gets reduced, at best, to a gag, and at worst, to a synonym for incompetence.

(This, of course, is referencing Bush’s occasional casual advisor.)

Can you come up with any? Next up: wheatpaste and a catchy song.

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