Sveltes. A comic.

I made a comic! And I made a webpage for it…!

It’s called Better Living Through the Svelte Life. It’s about spring allergies and the subjugation of a mystical race of wood nymph-type beings.

It’s the first comic I’ve made. I did it with indian ink and a nib pen. I had to completely restart a few times, due to decisions stemming from explorations of formats and materials. It was a good learning experience; very engaging and challenging. I enjoyed engrossing myself in these little panels for hours at a time. Well, I don’t think my eyes or back enjoyed it. But I’m not totally sure. It’s too bad I can’t just ask them. So here it is.

I hope you like it!

I have many other things to post in the near future, such as words and new ringtones. For now, read the comic. And also check the photo page for regularly updated photos.

Twice the fish

For posterity

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