Blue Skies Above Us

All Snowed In

I’m all snowed in in Portland right now. The curbs are gone. Roads and sidewalks have joined to be a sea of snow. I should cover my motorcycle, but my cover blew away to I don’t know where.

Picture of outside yesterday!

Freaking blizzard or something

My old digi recorder broke, so I’m now calling it “my old one.” I got a new one to replace my old one. It’s an Edirol R-09HR. So far it rules. Expect new and exciting ringtones! I made one now, called “pinball ringtone.” I could see answering my mobile to that, and I hope you can too.

Edit! I made another ringtone. This one is called Vibrate Mode Ringtone. And what it does is emulate the “buzzing” sound of a mobile phone that is set to vibrate mode. Enjoy?

The High Numbers

Vast Tundras

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