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Regular readers will remember the post I made back on Oct. 20th about fantasical fantasy fan fiction, or “fanfic,” for short. If you’re not regular: in the post I went on and on about McGriddles, and how writing fictional stories about them is a whole lot of fun, and how you should try it, too. I also expressed an interest in writing more fanfic about other stuff. Later on (after the post) I did write more, and the process reaffirmed the feelings I experienced that first time.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m now working on putting together a compilation of McGriddle fanfic, and I’m hoping to get submissions for it. I’ll be contributing my own new works and everything, but I don’t want to be limited by just me. I want you all to look at yourself, and at the McGriddle, and then find like a fault or something that isn’t quite right and you’d like to change – and then fix that fault and/or make that change! AKA write some fiction! (Fiction also works vice versa to this – like, you can find something awesome, and then, through fiction, mess it up.) The world is yours.


What if I’ve never “eaten” a McGriddle?

A: Wrong question. And anyway, if you think about it like I am, the answer is irrelevent.

Next: How long should it be, and when should it be turned in to you?

A: make it as long or longer (or, if you want to do it in a different way, make it shorter) as the story I wrote that’s linked above. And I want to have this compiled in a ‘zine by the time the Portland Zine Symposium rolls around. That’s late July. So please turn something in by late June/early July.

What if I can’t write a story very well?

A: Then you better learn to draw something very well! HAHAHAHAHA!!


What else?

A: GO!



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