Potato Man

Hey there. Here are a couple more drawings I did during this last campaign. They depict real (fake) events.

At one part we entered a room, and in the middle was a cactus with a potato-man tending to it. Twinkle walked up and touched the cactus, and he tripped out.

Later on in that dungeon we battled a young dragon. The dragon was flying just a few feet above the ground as we battled him. My character is a gnome, so she’s short. So for my attack I marched right up to him and grabbed his dragon balls, inflicting moderate wounds via pull/twist. And so:

It’s fun to draw these. I wish I made more scenes. I’ll be DMing soon, though, so I might have to start devoting my spare time to actual work.

Hmm Mmm Him

Here’s another dungeons and dragons recap

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