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Drew, of Work by Drew fame, has released the third installment of the Portland FunBook. It’s a hugemongous 11×17 book, and accompanying it is a 7” record containing like 12 local bands! We had a Launch Party at Holocene last Monday. It was a hit. It was especially cool to scan around and see 30 people all sitting down and reading it. Party on! I drank rum and sometimes guarded the merch table, handing out copies.

Jason (a.k.a. DJ Ghost Dad), owner of local comic store Floating World Comics, DJ’ed the show. And the linear grooves of Flaspar, the lisp-rocking punks of Cafeteria Dance Fever, and the psych tinkerings of a supergroup (I can’t remember the name!) with members from (I heard) Valet, White Rainbow, and stuff, supplied a nice soundtrack to the night. Nice job, Drew.

But enough about that fool, Drew! I worked on the Funbook, too. If you choose to read it, you may very well notice no spelling errors, no? Enough said there. And also if you read it, you may notice a full page devoted to an article about playing pinball in Portland, with a drawing of a Portland-themed pinball machine at the top, yes? Yes. If you haven’t read it yet, you will most likely not have noticed any of this yet (unless you perused the low-grade preview). At any rate, I wrote that article and drew that drawing.

Buy the Funbook from Powells, Reading Frenzy, and (I’m assuming) Floating World. And elsewhere!

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