Phantom Truck

The title is “The phantom truck that emerges when a dramatic moment takes place in the middle of the road REVEALED!” The revelation is that people apparently never notice these trucks that run them down because the trucks emerge at the last second from a vortex. They don’t utilize our road system unless a mowable target is within immediate reach.

Camera one depicts a normal and cliche, and also very tragic, scene. Camera two, which by lucky circumstance just happened to be covering the scene from the revealing angle, depicts the emergence of the truck from the vortex. I’ve lined the cameras up side-by-side so you can better see how the event unfolded in real-time.

Maybe next time we’ll find out who controls the vortex!

Sorry folks, but there’s no hope. My only advice is to just stay out of the roads during these dramatic moments. Or else you’re just asking for it.

For those who can’t make sense out of this. The comic is based on a what-if-you-expanded… one of the glossary terms in Roger Ebert’s Movie Glossary. I was looking through the glossary right now (two days after making this comic) and found the exact entry to match the comic!

I’d be more apathetic if I wasn’t so et cetera

To the best friend of the top gas station attendent in Taos, New Mexico.

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