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New Systems Mix

Hi again, For the past many months I’ve been voraciously downloading music from the Systems of Romance music blog. It feature lots of lesser-known synthpop, minimal synth, post-punk, darkwave, etc. bands from (usually) the early to mid-’80s. This summer mix is comprised almost entirely of music I’ve obtained from there (or found through that site). But there is still a lot of great stuff that I didn’t add to the mix. So it if you like this mix, then it’s worth exploring that blog.

(I’ll post a track listing when I get home.)

It’s 27 songs, 180mb. I did not change the album titles, for in case you want to look them up to obtain the full records. And I did not sort them. I’m more of a laissez faire mix kinda guy.

download the mix

Broken Wheel

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