More DnD session recap

More DnD session recap.


The battle continued. One dire badger was already slain, its corpse floating away in the stream.

One badger was blind. Baldwin, Kolm, and Dulcinea (I think) infiltrated the nest of branches surrounding Bluhilda and were on the attack. Johanna, standing off to the side, was simultaneously conked on the head with an Acorn of Sleep AND overcome with a bout of narcolepsy. Thus, she fell asleep. Twinkle, still pissed at Bluhilda for being a treant, shot an arrow at her. The arrow hit Bluhilda – but since she’s really large and stuff she wasn’t hurt too much. Zara saw this and got really mad. She lunged at Twinkle and knocked him to the ground, pinning him in place. They then exchanged some words.

But our brave fighters on the front line fought on. The badgers did their best to rage out and stuff, but in the end they proved no match for our heroes. But as the last one fell, he gouged his claws into Bluhilda, drawing sap. The wound was substantial, and needed to be quickly staunched. Zara attempted to rip the pants off of Twinkle, so she could use the pants as a bandage, but Twinkle managed to roll out from under her grip. So, instead, Zara got a bunch of leaves and shoved those into the wound. And it worked! The wound was staunched.

Bluhilda then walked into the stream and found some relief. Zara dogged her every move, but Bluhilda, though thankful that you guys rescued her, displayed a bit of attitude. Bluhilda then headed back to Gormley via the path. You all decided to venture off toward the Blackburrow Ruins. And so you did that. And you forgot Johanna. But, then you remembered Johanna, and you went back and got her. She was still in a deep sleep. So she was carried or dragged or something. You got to the bramble bushes, with their four inch thorns. Twinkle played a chopping song, and you all chopped a little tunnel through the bushes. Johanna got entangled in some thorns, though, as you exited the bush. And there she stayed.

After emerging from the bushes, you saw some creatures up ahead on the path. They were circled around something, kicking and poking at an object. They saw you from far away, and stopped what they were doing to call you out. You saw that the object on the ground was the petrified statue guy who’s been ultra-planarily following Zara. The creatures, deemed Satyrs, accused you of bringing this foul object into the grove. They wanted you and the statue OUT. Baldwin successfully detected a bit of evil on it. So, what they said had truth to it. It was foul. Also, it had a nub of statue sticking out of its ear, and one of the satyrs grabbed this nub and ran off with it. The other three remained. But one of them head-butted the status and chipped a part of its arm off. Then Zara did some mad negotiating, and offered to take the statue from the woods once you all got back to Gormley and obtained the Staff of Nugpick. Her diplomatic efforts succeeded! The satyrs were like, “fine,” and then they ran off.

Zara then used her mad tracking skills (with Dulcinea in tow) to chase after the one satyr who ran off with that nubbin. She succeeded, and then she talked him into turning it over. He didn’t really know what he was doing with it anyway. He just took it as a precaution, in case shit had gone down over there. The nub had writing on it from the statue guy. It gave further instructions about – details about the ritual to perform with the Staff of Nugpick.

Meanwhile! Twinkle and Cecil ran into the cave at the Ruins of Blackburrow… and Twinkle fell into a hole. A moat, more like. Ten feet deep. But Cecil helped him up, to the other side. And the others came over, too.

Beyond the moat was a circular room. It had no other openings except the way you came in – but there was the outline of a big door on the far wall. The ceiling was made of dirt. The walls were covered in vague carvings that you figured out were depicting signs of reproduction and whatnot. In the middle of the room was an empty bird bath. A closer look at the walls revealed that a part of it told a story. The story was that when water from a refreshing-looking spring is dumped into the bird bath, the door will open. Then Twinkle poured some of his canteen water into it, and nothing happened. Then he got upset and stood atop it and peed into it. The room seemed to sense a disturbance, and some pieces of the ceiling fell down. Nothing major, though. (so you’re plan at this point is to head to the refreshing spring on the map and get that water.)

You left the cave, and decided to head back to Gormley while on the way to the spring. You left the statue by the ruins, and you left Johanna entangled in the thorns.

At Gormley’s, Zara said something poetic about the forest. Bluhilda enjoyed this poem. Gormley, true to his word, jabbed his pinkie finger deep into the ground and then snapped it off. Then Zara licked the sap that ran out of it….

The Staff is Nugpick was obtained!!

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