Methly behavior

Yesterday I answered Jack Shafer’s query: The meth capital of the world – where is it?. Even if I don’t know exactly where it is, I told him that I found the attention paid toward the Northern California Sierra mountains wanting. He responded, literally 45 seconds after I sent the email, thanking me for the “very funny” message. We’ll see if North San Juan is mentioned in his follow-up.

I felt really bad because I spelled his name incorrectly in my email. I don’t know what I was thinking, except to say that perhaps I wasn’t at all. It was the first thing I typed, and I made a note to myself to check it before I sent the message. And I forgot. And I paid dearly – in an emotional way. I’m familiar with, and appreciate, Shafer’s work (even though I, and I’m not the only one here, have noticed a quite methly leaning to his beat). I battled for a while about whether or not to send him another email, but then I noticed a squirrel running by my window and so I had to run outside and give chase. It went up a tree, though, and I wasn’t able to climb it…

A virus is spreading like a virus.

Terroristing games made playable.

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