Blue Skies Above Us

Material Sensations

Here’s a mixed cassette tape (psych!) that I made, all on computer for you to give a listen. This is what I’ve been into lately. I think it’s a good mix.


I renumbered the tracks, so hopefully they will show up in your playlist in the correct order.

summer playlist

I just now named it Material Sensations. It’s hard to get a theme-read out of this. A few songs seem to be about the physical appearances, and the inaccessibility, of ladies. As a summer mix, it’s mostly upbeat-ish. My favorite type of upbeat song, though, are ones with minor chord melancholishness running with the beats (featured prominently in Sabali and Both Ends Burning). And I ended things with some coming down songs. One is actually called Coming Down. I like when mixes end in this fashion.

Material Sensations

‘Notha Ringtone


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