Kiss my pedestrian not at all irish ass

St. Pat’s Day saw us seeing a stellar Pogues cover band, Kiss My Royal Irish Ass. J.r.d. was visiting. We drank stout and french fries, walked there and then walked out on the first band to play pinball and stare at Jenni Conlee (she’s in KMRIA, along with Chris Funk). KMRIA came on and played for nearly three hours. Nearly three solid hours of dancing and bouncing and swimming and screaming and clapping. It was so much fun. Everyone was so happy (except C., who made the mistake of following the depressing lyrics) and full of energy. One of the best shows I’ve ever been to ever. You all should have been there! It made me want to be a working class stiff, drinking hard and swaying arm in arm while singing ballads, falling for whomever I fall into (it also made me wish I had at least a pinch of Irish in me). Alas, long ago I aligned my vibe to a life of the mind, and I can’t ever go back. That said, today my schedule involves signing up with a temp agency and then signing up for food stamps. Start working better you stupid mind!

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