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Lately I have been composing and/or constructing ringtones. I’ve been making many of them. Sometimes, for days on end, one a day.

Ringtones, essentially, are just sounds clips of whatever that are between 10 and 30 seconds long. Thus, they are easy to make, and there are many possibilities.

I think that loud, songy ringtones are mostly annoying. And so I hope to avoid them. These tones are how I hope to achieve such avoidance. Some that are in the works are more conceptually than aurally geared. Some, for instance, I would recommend using with the phone on vibrate.

At the moment, you can make your ring a ping pong rally, a typewriter, phrases in morse code, and so on. Soon: rain on an umbrella, cars on a bridge, hoofs on cement. And more.

Most, but not all, newer phones support homemade tones; most support imports, and mp3 files. Some phones, like my Samsung T509, are restricted to proprietary files (actually, my phone can play mp3, and can even save them as alarm sounds, but it cannot save them as ringtones…). Luckily, programs are out there that allow one to convert files to many of the proprietary extensions. My Samsung uses .mmf files. So for each ringtone I make, I make them in mp3 and mmf (mmf files are of a significantly lower frequently, and so things are often lost in the conversion, but oh well).

Initially, I record most of the sounds onto my digital voice recorder; many of the sounds that interest me as potential ringtones are noises from the field. And then I edit the sounds in Audacity, WSD, Argeiphontes Lyre, Audion, and sometimes Garageband. Sometimes I use my analog synthesizer.

I’ve been refiguring the blue skies front page — working on a friendly stylesheet that I can use for whatever other pages I add to the site. It’s simple, elegant, probably ghetto. It works for what I want. And I imagine it works for what you want, also. But that’s because I imagine you as a perfect person who likes everything about me, who thinks that everything I create, no matter how clumsy or silly, is wonderful just because it came out of me.

So I’ve put together a ringtones page. There are seven tones on it. I have more to add, and more in the works. They are all free. They are just small sound files. You can do anything you want with them. If you like one, but would like it to be slightly different, you can tell me and I’ll change it. As of right now, I just sort of whip them up. Perfection is not something I seek at the moment of creation. And I’m always learning more about the recording and editing process.

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