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Find Meltron

Please, I need your positive vibes. My parents have been taking care of my dear cat Meltron, and today they disclosed to me that he’s been missing for a few days. They hadn’t wanted to tell me, but it’s been almost four days now. I want him to come back! So if you can and want, please send your positive vibes to him, and let’s hope he finds his way home.

This is his first spring, and he’s been getting more adventurous lately. He eats mice and lizards, and he explores in the yard (which is 12 acres). They bring him in each night. But Saturday night they went out for dinner, and when they came home they never found him. It was raining and cold. Since then they’ve been searching every day. They’ve alerted all the neighbors.

One of our cats, Polly, once disappeared for six months. But then we found her. Neighbor’s cats have done similar things. They venture all over the place for a week or two, and then they come back. Meltron, though, is pretty domesticated. Despite all his hunting, he’s really into humans and warm places. He follows people around like a dog, and comes when called. This is scary and crappy and one of my biggest fears. I hope he’s okay, and I hope he comes home soon. I miss him.

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