Final Reminder

It’s closed now.

Heya, final reminder, in case you were planning to submit something for the ‘zine. Sock it to me by Friday. If you feel like you want to submit something, but don’t know what to submit, then you can start by submitting a question to me (preferably, in the comments). While your question won’t really be useful for the ‘zine, at least it might satiate your desire to “submit” something. And anything is better than nothing.

Here’s an example of a type of question I’ve received a few times (this is straight out of a chat!):

Q: mostly, you want people to kind of talk about how awesome mcgriddles are, right? at least not like, rant about them.

A: yes, ranting is stupid and not funny. and usually not “fiction.” if a mcgriddle killed your mom, then yeah, you can rant. if mcdonald’s sucks and meat is murder, then no.

Question solved!

Anyway, I’ve received some cool stuff, and I’m expecting more soon. I think this will come out well. But I have like three weeks to get it all ready! Ack. I think I can do it – I have to do it.


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