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Dungeons and Dragons Party Members

I drew these pictures of the party members of the dungeons and dragons campaign I’m currently involved in.

Then we made buttons out of them, and a complete set was given to each human playing in the campaign. The buttons are useful for moving our characters around the grid map, and knowing who is who as we do it.

I even drew the dungeon master! He’s in a throne, with a crown, and has an orb and some books.

Here is my character, Cirocco MicroMender. She’s a Gnome cleric. Just hit level 5. In this image, she’s wielding an alabaster staff, and holding a scroll.

Here’s Dulcinea. Dulc is a Half-Elf, of the Duskblade class.

Johanna recently joined our party, after we discovered her entwined in some vines deep in a dungeon. She has proved herself useful, if not entirely trustworthy. Elven Rogue.

Kolm is a Human Fighter. He grew up on a farm, and is still tightly gripping his scythe.

Twinkle is a Gnome Bard. He loves playing songs to boost our spirits. He currently has a harp that causes him to fart when he plays it (so the picture’s not totally accurate, but oh well).

Here is Zara. She’s an Elven Ranger. This image depicts the time when she hopped on her shield and slid down some greased up stairs while popping arrows into some nasties.

A Giganto Fire Elemental

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