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DnD recap

DnD recap

(This one was hastily written)


-Bluhilda bequeathed a special garland to Zara. It’s a beautiful garland, made up of a variety of branches, full of leaves and life, and it contains 12 red berries that, when munched, restore 1hp each. Bluhilda also gave out 20 Stonegault Power Arrows from the Stonegault Power Tree. +1 to damage. Don’t forget to use these!

-The group, sans Johanna, walked off to the refreshing spring. They soon found themselves off balance, due to stepping onto a sea of pinecones. The pinecones were carried by thousands of buff ants. They carried you forward, some of you fell. Baldwin got stuck in the big hole on their ant mound. Folks stood around him, and tried to pull him up. But the weight was too great for the mound, and it caved. Then Dulcinea fell in to the hole. And Twinkle fell in, too, right on top of Zara’s face as she was doing something heroic (or did Twinkle jump in?). Kolm stuck his hand in a hole in the wall, and his arm got stuck. When he pulled it out it came with a mashed and gummed up boot-looking thing that turned out to be a sweet boot. Then he got the other. The Pinecone Boots of Antly Mobility. +3 on move silently.

-A song was played, a rope was tied, and shoulders were stepped on – you made it out. You went to the spring. It was a nice place. Some of you almost took a bath in the replenishing spring. But then you changed your minds and washed your faces instead. A female gnome, Chilandra Cogswell, was playing some flute music while sitting on a rock near the waterfall. She told Twinkle about how renowned his tunes were. And she informed him that he was ready to take his craft to the next level. She informed him of the quick route to a better life: stepping into a glowing cave (She plays a sweet melody on her flute, and the waterfall parts in the middle. Between the part you see a cave, glowing with a soft but bright golden glow. You can feel the warmth from it, like it’s a million wombs multiplied by 20 but condensed into the size of a cave.) and then, ya know, seeing what happens. Twinkle ran into the cave. A short bit later he popped up, unconscious, on a rock on the side of the pool of water. He was revived. The rest of the group put water in water containers. Some (Zara?) mixed it with her old water.

-Next, to the statue guy and Johanna. You arrived to discover Johanna tied to the statue guy (named Jonasphere), with 4 satyrs standing guard around her. You approached, they talked smack about you not leaving as quickly as they’d hoped. They were mad, and they would not be reasoned with. “We’re trashing this statue,” one told you. “But first we’re going to your face.” Zara tried to reason with them anyway, by going up and shaking one of their hands, and the satyr grappled her and brought a knife to her throat. Thus, a battle ensued. A satyr played a pan pipe, which caused Kolm to fall asleep. Cecil woke him up by biting his ear.

Arrows were flung, horns were smashed, stuff was stabbed, and the satyrs died. Oh, and Johanna freed herself during the battle.

The next logical thing to do was to perform the ritual to unpetrify Jonasphere. Zara drew a circle in the dirt with the staff of nugpick, then pricked herself and put the blood on his eyeballs, and then she knocked him on the head three times with the staff and said, “AWAKEN JONASPHERE! THE NUGS OF FAERUN NEED THINE PICKING SKILLS” except she said it in a sarcastic tone, and not, as I’d typed it, in all caps. Jonasphere awoke, and his petrified skin flaked off. He was a normal Elf again. But then! CRACK motherfucking Marslaakj ported onto the scene. He’d bound a part of himself into the statufied Jonasphere, so that if he was ever made real again Marslaakj would gate in and confront the jerks who helped out Jonasphere – which is you guys!

And then -CHA- the session ended.

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