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The Coloring Maps Etsy shop has further expanded! I started with maps that are intended for printing and coloring in (coloring maps!), then moved onward to digital posters, and now my wife and I have developed actual map prints! And we rebranded the shop, since it’s not “coloring maps” anymore. Now it is…

Away Away

It was a long process to develop these. We purchased a fine art printer; we purchased samples of many different types of paper; and we made lots of giant swatch pages and printed dozens and dozens test prints in order to nail down the colors. There were many challenges along the way - especially because our monitor’s colors did not even remotely match the printed colors, and it was tough to figure out if this was due to monitor calibration or color profiles in our documents or what.

We settled on two colorways, which we call Terracotta and Clay. Check them out below!

Etsy is a rollercoaster. Lately the shop has not been doing so hot. Favorites and purchases are sporadic. Contrast that with a year ago when it was steadily getting both. Maps - digital or prints - are a pretty saturated market on Etsy. When I started the shop, I took this to mean that “people are buying this stuff.” And they are! But, the search reuslts are dominated by a few shops (and I think most of their designs are ugly!). So, for less popular shops like Away Away, it’s a struggle to get the listings to show up on pages. The main way is to purchase ads. Buying ads are like playing the lemonade stand game, where you have to strike the balance between spending and earning. Ads add up! And if the ads aren’t pulling in purchases, then you kinda need to pay for fewer ads. But if you pay for fewer ads, then you will definitely get fewer purchases. I dunno… neither of us are great at marketing, and that’s obviously where we need to focus. On that note, we also changed the name of the Instagram and are trying to post on there more!

We’ll keep at it. The designs are nice!

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