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I’ve come across this great project by Operation Phoenix, wherein old and out of print issues of punk rocking ‘zines are digitized and made available to download and read. One ‘zine, HeartattaCk, is one in which, for a few years, I was a contributor. I wrote record reviews, ‘zine reviews, and the occasional column. I still have all my hard copies. But they are in my parents’ garage. It’s super to see them available for all to see. And re-reading them, I’m happy to find that back then I was nearly as snide and hilarious and vague as I am now:

The first section of this ‘zine tells a few stories about graduation, and car crashes, and people. It’s done in a joumalicious manner and many of the stories tie into each other some how. The second section is basically the same in appearance, but the stories are different. It tells about a summer festival the author went to (a few years ago) on some large property in Canada. The festival didn’t sound like it was that great, and there were lots of people doing all kinds of drugs, but what he writes about is fun to read. The whole ‘zine has a fairly simple layout, done on a typewriter and pasted over some blackness, with a few pictures sprinkled around. Overall, the content deals a lot with relationships to many different people and how they change and evolve, and also how the fenders of cars change and evolve when they run into another one. I liked the ‘zine, it kept my attention easily with it’s interesting stories and ability to make me care about some of the characters, I mean people.

Portland’s IPRC also contains quite a few copies of HaC.

Also, issue #31 has a review of my own ‘zine of days past. It’s not the most glowing review. But it wasn’t the most glowing ‘zine. It was mostly a eulogy to my departed dog. Hey, I just noticed that the review got the size incorrect. Not a person ordered the ‘zine after that review was printed. I still need to find places that will review the comic I’ve put out. I don’t know exactly where to send it. Please email me tips.

On a sort-of related note, I have been working on a new direction for this weblog: mp3blog! I’ve been practicing getting good at transferring vinyl to mp3. With my current stereo set-up (which is my housemate’s), I can’t make quality transfers. But I’ve used other set-ups, and it’s been swell. So, come Christmas time, I will return to Portland with my stereo and record player, and will begin transferring and then sharing music.

So expect this weblog to soon be mostly dedicated to music. What kind of music? In the vein of the project mentioned above, the music shared will be out of print, mostly unavailable early/mid/late-90s punk/hardcore/emo. Mostly seven inches, too. I have a decent collection of records, and I’ve found that many people today are still getting into this type of music. However, many of the records can be difficult to obtain (or expensive, and that’s just as lame). So why not share, say, a Nuzzle record, or a Reach Out record, or a Jihad record, if people will enjoy it and it will turn more onto the music? I’ll try to just post bands that don’t have discographies available (and will, of course, always remove if it someone objects to the post).

I came up with the idea when 1) I was thinking to myself that I would like to be able to listen to my records on my ipod; and 2) when I discovered (for myself) that Constatine Sankathi has a myspace. Also, youtube’s recently been seeing a lot more sweet videos.

In the meantime, my homework is to search through all the mp3blogs I can find to see if anyone’s been posting similar music.

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